Outside, mi primer single


OUTSIDE es el nuevo single de Alan Neil, una canción de corte pop electrónico, que pronto estará en una versión mejorada en otras plataformas digitales. Outside habla de la intolerancia que sufren las personas por amar distinto a lo establecido. Y que a pesar de todos esos obstáculos, saben que alegres, bailando y demostrando el amor es la mejor forma de combatirlo. Keep dancing, with love we’re fighting OUTSIDE!

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Steady on the floor
Tumble down any wall
I’m waiting for you outside

One flag needs to be
Facing to the wind
It’s waiting for you outside

I’m just a believer
The message is building
And spreading with love

We don’t live in a dogma
We don’t want anyone
To say whether our love
Is it right or is it wrong

In the rhythm of lightning
Do you wanna aglow?
We want to a future through a rainbow

Keep dancing, without fears, on starlights
Rubbing through the hits of the night

We are the new wave
A colorful hurricane
We’re waiting for you outside

The movement is on
Present must be won
With love we’re fighting outside

It’s time to get the pop life in our sign
When Capricorn is turning to the right
The victory’s the key to keep us alive…
And you and I will open padlocks in every place of world, of space, of time.

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